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This Orh Nee Pack is a hassle-free solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the famous Teochew dessert. You no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen making it from scratch.

  • Special Kamquat Pumpkin Sauce:

The Orh Nee Pack comes with our special kamquat pumpkin sauce that adds a unique twist to this traditional dessert. The sauce perfectly complements the sweet yam paste, creating an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

  • Serves Two People:

The pack is good for 2 people, making it perfect for sharing with your loved one or friend. You can enjoy this delicious dessert together without any hassle or fuss.


  • 300g yam paste with gingko nuts 
  • 150g kamquat pumpkin sauce


1) defrost both packets and pour content into separate bowls.

2) bring water to boil. Add the two bowls into steamer and steam for 15 minutes.

3) drizzle some kamquat sauce into yam paste and enjoy!