Busy with work and planning for a one-pot meal tonight? Order our homely Seafood Lor Mee to cook for your family. Great for 4 pax, get this Seafood Lor Mee Bundle Kit here!

What's in the bundle kit: 

  • 2 packs of Lor Mee broth
  • 360g noodles
  • Ingredient pack, including shredded pork, onion, mushroom, tau pok, cabbage, bak choy, celery
  • Seafood pack, including prawn ball, shrimps, clams, scallops


  1. Defrost 2 packs of Lor Mee broth and bring to boil.

  2. Defrost noodles and add into the broth. Bring to boil.

  3. Add in Ingredient pack and Seafood pack. Bring to boil and serve