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Cooking for one can be a real challenge, hence we're here to help.

We have created a frozen set of Shaved Noodles “Chilli Pan Mee” Style for one pax, super tasty and delicious! 

The pack includes:

  • One pack of knife shaved noodles 
  • One pack of soup (you can choose to cook it dry or soup)
  • One pack of meat sauce 
  • One pack of crispy chilli sauce  
  • One pack of premium soy sauce
  • One pack of ingredient pack (scallops, abalones and vegetables) 


  1. Heat up meat sauce in boiling water for 6 minutes. 
  2. Cook the noodles in boiling water for 6 minutes. 
  3. Using the same boiling water, add in ingredient pack for 2 minutes. 
  4. (OPTIONAL) Heat up the soup and add in 300ml of water. Bring it to boil. 
  5. Toss the noodles with soy sauce and crispy chilli sauce. Serve with all the ingredients and meat sauce. Enjoy! 

Tip: You can add a poached egg to pair with the noodles. 

    *Remember to add 300ml of water into the soup.